Bills Originating in the Senate

  • Senate Bill 169Contacts Lens Consumer Protection Act Amendments—Passed both Houses and awaits the Governor’s signature. This bill prohibits the anti-free-market practice of price fixing contact lenses at the retail level.
  • Senate Bill 144: Modifications to Income Tax— Passed both Houses and now awaits the Governor’s signature.  This bill requires the Tax Commission to notify the public when certain tax credits are removed.
  • Senate Bill 159Background Checks for State Accountants— Passed the Senate and introduced in the House.  This bill permits the Division of Finance to conduct background checks for public employees who work with taxpayer money.
  • Senate Bill 193: Local Government Amendments—Introduced in the Senate.  This bill prevents a Special Service District from increasing a late for any other purpose than to cover the administrative costs of collecting a previous delinquent payment.
  • Senate Bill 21: Sales and Use Tax Molten Magnesium—Passed both Houses and now awaits the Governor’s signature. This bill fixes an ambiguity in the law to exempt molten magnesium (used in the manufacture of titanium) from sales tax.
  • Senate Bill 13: Income Tax Amendments—Passed both Houses and now awaits the Governor’s signature. This bill is a repealer—removing five sections of tax law. It’s always fun to make our Utah Code books a little thinner.
  • Senate Bill 227:  Charter School Revisions—Passed the Senate and introduced in the House.  Allows either a high performing charter school or a local school district  to assume control and operation of a low performing charter school under certain circumstances.
  • Senate Bill 213:  Budgeting Amendments—Introduced in the Senate.  According to this bill, the  Office of Rehabilitation does not need to treat a claim filed outside of a certain time frame as a liability or an expense.

House Bills I am Carrying in the Senate

  • HB0081S02  Local School Board Meetings Requirements – requires a school board to hold its meetings inside the physical limits of the school district. 
  • HB0154Jury Duty Exemption Amendments –  Allows a mother nursing a child to claim an exemption to jury service.
  • HB0139S03Foster Home Amendments  Raises the limit on the number of foster kids a foster family may take into its care from 3 to 4. 
  • HB0170:  Legislative Audit Amendments –renews the Legislative Auditor General requirement to audit one executive branch entity a year until 1019
  • HB0085Peace Officer Training Amendments –   Allows the Legislature to allocate as much as $500,000 from the Insurance from the Uninsured Motorist Identification Restricted Account each year to the Peace Officer Standards and Training Division for law enforcement training through July 1, 2020.  
  • HB0147Driver License Testing Amendments –  provides that if an applicant has been issued an equivalent learner permit by another state or branch of the United States Armed Forces, the applicant is subject to the driver education, testing, age, and fee requirements.
  • HB0219Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project Amendments – This bill expands the Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project to permit an individual to register to vote, and vote, on a day when early voting is held

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SB 185 Law Enforcement Transparency
Governor Signed March 28th, 2014

SB 37: Time Period for Paying a Tax, Interest or Penalties after a Judicial Decision
Bill is awaiting Governor’s signature

SB 70: Commission Relating to Federal Issues
On the Senate 2nd Reading Calendar

SB 77 Availability of Government Information
On the Senate 2nd Reading Calendar

SB 158 Municipal General Fund Amendments
Waiting for Governor’s Signature

SCR 6 Concurrent Resolution on Federal Gas Tax
Out of the Senate and in the House standing committee

Open Data Standards Amendments
Waiting to be numbered

House Bills I am Carrying in the Senate

HB 85 Voting Recount Amendments
Waiting for the Governor’s Signature

HB 125 Interstate Local Emergency Response Act
On the Senate 2nd Reading Calendar

HB 205 Contingency Plans for Political Subdivisions
Senate standing committee

HB 223 Emergency Management Funding Amendments
Senate 2nd Reading Calendar

HB 229 Criminal Identity Fraud Amendments
Senate standing committee

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