Deidre Henderson

Utah State Senator
District 7

Accountability – Deidre solved a decades old problem by requiring counties to hold a “truth in taxation” meeting prior to the start of the new year. Counties were traditionally holding hearings in August of each year; after they had already been spending the tax increase for 8 months. This change allows citizens to give input before the money is spent.
Federal Funds – During Deidre’s first legislative session she sponsored a bill to create the Federal Funds Commission. The purpose of the commission is essentially to evaluate Utah’s growing dependence on federal funds, identify risk factors that would result in a reduction in the amount or value of those dollars, and identify common sense ways we can prepare for such a loss and become more self-reliant as a state.
Tax Policy – Deidre serves on the Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee. She is dedicated to protecting hardworking taxpayers and a healthy economy by maintaining low-rate, broad-based tax policies.

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